Relief for Sciatica - The Reflexology Method

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If you have never experienced foot reflexology, you may ask how pressing on points at the bottom of the feet or on your hands can help you with sciatica.
You may feel that it's a waste of time to consider this method for relief for sciatica as it is a non-traditional method.
Hold on, let me explain further before you discount this non-surgical method.
First thing first, what is reflexology and how does it help with back or any bodily imbalances in general.
Reflexology is the application of the feet or hands utility the therapist (or yourself) using thumb, finger, hand techniques or (in the east) a tool based on a system of zones representing the body on the feet and hands.
The philosophy is based on the believe that there are energy channels running from the bottom of the feet or hands directly to the organs.
Another belief is that there are nerves running from the bottom of the feet or hand to the different parts of the body.
Let me apply the above to the back or sciatica pain.
How do you get relief for sciatica? Reflexology has shown to create relaxation, reduce pain, improve blood flow and even help.
Let say your sciatica is due to the a muscle inflammation of the muscle.
This condition is pressing on the sciatica nerve.
A foot reflect would increase blood flow circulation.
If we compare reflexology with massage, both help in the same manner.
Both methods increase blood flow and help the inflamed muscle.
I highly recommend you give reflexology a try! What does a foot reflexology session involves? The patient is usually sleeping on a massage bed or a recliner type chair.
The idea is to get the feet accessible to the reflexologist.
Usually, the therapist will use either massage oil or cream so that the flow of the pressure points can go smoothly.
After both the therapist and client are set the session begins.
Most sessions can last any where between 20 to 50 minutes.
The therapist threats by pressing the areas presenting the organs.
The therapist would check what area the clients feels pain or if there's any discoloration.
Another sensation that the client may feel is like crystals being crushed.
When I give reflexology, I usually ask the client to relax while I work on the feet.
Another critical point is to drink at least one 8 oz right after the session.
Why drink water? A reflexology session releases toxins, thus by drinking water the client can urinate the toxins out of the body.
You can find a qualified reflexologist in your area for a new relief for sciatica method.
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