Samsung F210 - Mobile Phone That Rocks To Your Tunes

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There is an old saying which talks about the lull before a thuderstorm.
We can easily say that Samsung's absence from market for some time, before the company came up with its new Samsung F210 was the same lull.
The company has launched a really great phone and it has take the world with a storm.
Samsung has doner a great job of learning from the mistakes it did in its earlier X830 model device.
This one is an improved version.
You can say that it is better right when it comes to out of the box.
The old plastic feel is gone and this new baby from Samsung looks really a kick ass phone.
This is a super light weight and super compact phone.
The phone weighs just 78 grams and its measurements are 87.
8mm x 31mm x 20.
This device is a great head turner but it is not very heavy so you can easily keep it in your packet or wear it around using a neck strap.
This one from Samsung is a triband phone.
It is usable in almost all parts of the world You can use it in Europe or in USA and you would not even know the difference.
On the flip side, the phone is not a 3G device.
So you can not make video calls etc.
As a normal mobile phone, this is more than passable.
The call quality is very good.
Reception is crisp and clear.
Similarly the screen of the phone is also very good.
If you are not really bothered about the letter box aspect ratio of the screen, you would be able to use the phone quite comfortably.
Samsung F210 is a phone that would surely make heads turn.
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