Coping With a Broken Relationship - Take Care of Yourself First

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When coping with a broken relationship, the most important thing to do is take care of yourself.
By taking care of yourself you will help put your life back in balance.
This will also make it easier to get back together with your ex if that is what you want to do.
The following is a list of ideas on how to deal with the trauma of a breakup.
Your friends are probably the ones you turn to when things get bad.
They are great for keeping your mind off the breakup.
While you want them around to distract you and give you support, you don't want them around to help you have an extended pity party.
It might be fine for a little while, but doing that too long is not good.
A pen and paper brings many people comfort.
Start a journal and write down your thoughts.
It's a great way to get your feelings out of your head and heart.
By writing about things that are troubling you you are giving yourself permission to let them go.
Writing can also give you insight to some of the problems that caused your breakup or why you want to get back together.
Have fun.
Make a list of your favorite things and start doing some of them.
This will get your mind off the breakup and let you realize that you can live your life without your ex.
Having fun will help eliminate some of the tension you might be feeling as a result of the breakup.
Say no to drugs...
and alcohol.
How many songs have been written about crying in your beer listening to the jukebox after a breakup.
You've got to really try not to do this.
Drugs and alcohol will cloud your thinking and you might do things you will regret, especially if you are trying to get back together.
I have known many people who after getting drunk will call their ex in the middle of the night to see them and either they yell, cry or have sex.
It is not a pretty picture.
Of course you can have some, but don't over do it.
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