What Dads Really Want For Father"s Day

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Father's Day is the time to celebrate the man who watches your kids while you go to yoga; does nightly bath time, coaches little league or works late to save up money for a Disney trip. Whatever your husband does for your family, let him know that you appreciate it and remind him that he is more than just a babysitter. This Father’s Day I asked my husband to tell me the recipe for a great Father’s Day for him. I am sharing it with you...

Our son turned 2 years old last week. As he grows into a little boy, I see visions of my younger self emerging more and more. His transformation continues to amaze me. Equal parts silly and joyful, sensitive and loyal, adventurous and playful are all characteristics that I see in our son becoming part of his new persona and the man I hope he will become. His short, passionate and sometimes hilarious responses to my questions never cease to bring a smile to my face and remind me why I chose to be a father. For me, Father’s Day is not about expensive gifts or gadgets; it is about spending time with my family and getting to do some things I do not get to do regularly now that I am a parent.

I thought it would be fun to list five things this dad really wants for Father's Day:

Be active

Find an activity that genuinely excites you and share it with your family. It could be a nostalgic one from your childhood and cost little if any money at all. Go for a bike ride, run around in the local public park or attend a baseball game of your hometown team – anything that fosters better bonding with your kids.The memories will last a lifetime.


Enjoy a meal together with loved ones. It continues to be one of my more favorite pastimes. There’s something inherently primal about eating great barbecue with your hands! Put away the technology: the smart phone, tablet and other electronic devices that serve only to distract us. Nothing can replace table-side banter and genuine dialogue. The more you give of yourself the more you can expect to get in return.

Veg out

Carve out a specific time of day to watch a sport on TV, play video games, read a book or view the latest YouTube fad – anything that screams "this is my time for me". On occasion I will reminisce what it felt like to do something on a moment's notice without caring for another human being (not that I would trade it in for the world). My point is to embrace it and to cherish it.

Treat yourself

Make a concerted effort to do something completely out of the norm for you. If you're a health nut, get a few scoops of your favorite ice cream. If you find yourself living a primarily sedentary lifestyle amid the day-to-day minutiae of looking after your kids and significant other, hit the gym and break a sweat. You might find it more rewarding than expected.

Sleep, rest, repeat

If you're like me always thinking about work 24/7 seemingly never able to come up for air or clear one's head, don't hold yourself to such high standards today. Sleep in for a change, and let your wife/girlfriend/partner handle the early morning childcare. Don't worry, they'll be happy to oblige...as long as you return the favor on Mother's Day next year!

Happy Father's Day from our family to yours!
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