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Laser therapy is not about just looking good but it's about making your skin look healthier and better. The main cause for our clients to visit us for laser hair removal treatment Dubai is because of the manifestation of ingrown hairs after opting for conventional hair removal techniques such as shaving or waxing. Shaving may cause discoloration or scarring because it makes the skin course, dry and itchy. Having excessive hair growth in unwanted areas can not only be cumbersome but also an embarrassing ordeal to deal with. Causes for this are most often genetics or hormonal imbalances. Laser therapy
hair removal is a technique that offers to do away with unwanted hairs not for a day or a week but for months while additionally reducing hair growth in those treated areas afterwards.

There are many cosmetic benefits of laser hair removal that are very personal to each client depending on the nature of their problem. They are;

€ 5 treatments of laser hair removal treatment Dubai ensures 70-90% less hair growth in treated areas. This means that you don't have to shave or wax every time you have a function and enable you to finally get to that party on time!

€ Opting for laser therapy hair removal ensures that you also do away with ingrown hairs that are detrimental to the skin as they cause discoloration.

€ Another cosmetic benefit of laser hair removal is that it ensures that your skin is not only softer but also smoother with absolutely no embarrassing stubble. The treatment additionally makes the new hair growth less coarse and lighter in color to ensure that you can go out anytime and anywhere with minimum hassle.

Laser hair removal is considered to be the most advanced mode of doing away with excess or unwanted hair growth because it is not only an easy procedure but pain free with only a slight redness that lasts a few hours as well. Laser technology is employed by using the light energy from a laser to loosen it by the root. Some hairs may take more time to be extracted than others therefore at least 5 treatments are recommended in order for you to get only optimum results.

We at the British Lasik and Cosmetic Surgery Center hire only expert and qualified professionals to perform any cosmetic procedure on any of our clients in order to ensure that you receive nothing less than the superior service that our institution is reputed for. So step in to the British Lasik Cosmetic Surgery Center and enjoy having your skin and your confidence rejuvenated at your absolute convenience and to your specific requirements.
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