How to Install a Taper Fit Drill Press Chuck

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    Installing the Arbor

    • 1). Clean the arbor and arbor socket with a clean, dry rag.

    • 2). Sand any burrs or other abnormalities from the surface of the socket and arbor using a diamond hook sharpener or fine file.

    • 3). Remove any debris from the arbor or taper with a steel wool pad.

    • 4). Wipe the arbor and socket with lacquer thinner or acetone and a lint-free cloth.

    • 5). Move the chuck jaws back into the body of the drill.

    • 6). Place a piece of paper on a solid, flat surface. This will protect the surface of the chuck from any damage.

    • 7). Lay the nose of the chuck on the paper.

    • 8). Insert the male end of the arbor into the socket of the chuck. Twist it in either direction allowing it to align itself in place.

    • 9). Lay a piece of wood on top of the end of the arbor. Lightly but firmly hit the wood once with a hammer to secure the arbor in place.

    Installing the Chuck

    • 1). Wipe the arbor and chuck clean with a rag to remove any debris.

    • 2). Sand the socket of the arbor and surface of the chuck with a diamond hook sharpener or fine file to remove any burrs on their surfaces.

    • 3). Slide the chuck into the socket of the arbor.

    • 4). Twist and press the chuck into the socket of the arbor.

    • 5). Place a block of wood at the end of the chuck. Lightly tap the wood with a hammer to secure the chuck into the arbor.

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