Triumph In The City - Christian Bible Poetry

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THUMP THUMP THUMP The horse's hooves did beat.
A terror shook the rode As people ran down the street.
"Haman is coming" whispers filled the air.
And there he was, royal robes did he wear.
"BOW" he yelled, "RESPECT" he spat.
And all the people trembled, thinking over that.
Many people dropped, to the ground, Face first.
As Haman rode on, the terrible, the worst.
He strutted around, with a smug look upon his face.
As he urged his horse on, to keep it's proud pace.
He thought he was the only king, the one, the best.
As if he had a royal badge, sown upon his vest.
All the people feared him, and they thought he was a beast.
And if they did not bow, upon them he would feast.
And there stood one, the courageous Mordecai, "I'll never bow to you! Even if I must die.
" This made Haman mad, his smug turned to a sneer.
"Beware Mordecai, for you're time to go is near" And Hamon built a gallows, for Mordecai so tall, But as we know his evil plan did not work at all.
You might have heard of Esther, the noble queen.
Who saved all the Jews from Haman the mean.
At the end, Haman was hung on the gallows made, He was caught in his sin, and now the price must be paid.
And Mordecai the Just, the one who obeyed the Lord, All the Jews were saved, and he was given an award.
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