4 SEO Tactics For Advanced Internet Marketers

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Search engine optimization is an integral part of success with an online business.
Free targeted traffic from the search engines is the best way to increase traffic to your website so ultimately you can make more money.
Assuming that you have the basics of SEO down, here are four tactics to help you boost your search engine ranking even more.
We've all been taught that the best form of back links are in anchor form using your site's main keywords as the clickable text.
This might be true, but, you don't want to over do it using the same keyword phrase every single time.
It's best to also include some natural form of anchor text linking to your site as well.
Use other keywords that are associated with your Main keywords as the anchor text every so often.
The second tactic, and one that I see used more and more these days is to link your back links.
Some people might call this a link wheel.
By increasing the links to your links you will increase the quality of your original links thus boosting your page rank as well and increasing your ranking in the search engines.
So if you have a good article in a major article directory you could social bookmark the link of your article or submit its RSS feed to various feed aggregators.
This brings me to my next tip which is to focus the majority of your efforts on picking up high quality back links.
It's better for your site in the long run to use your time and efforts finding high-quality links rather than picking up a whole bunch of links from low-quality sites.
Many people feel like they're doing more by getting more links but this is not necessarily true.
You can take the same amount of time and work on getting just a few high-quality links and it will benefit your site much more later on down the road.
The last tactic that I want to share with you involves creating hub pages in the same niche or regard as your website.
Search engines love these hub pages and usually reward them with high PR.
When you set up a few of these hub pages and point them back to your website it is going to boost your rankings and PR as well.
You should also bookmark and ping your hub pages and get back links to your back links as discussed with the second tactic.
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