House Estimated Values - 2 Steps to Saving Money

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Finding out your house estimated value is very important if you are selling or buying a home.
You can't expect to sell your home fast if you don't price it properly and you can't save money when buying a home if you don't know the true value of the property.
This article will explain two steps to saving money and time when selling or buying a home.
The first step is to get the estimated value of your house.
You can either go online to get an estimate or ask a real estate agent.
Both methods are normally free and can give you a good idea of your house's value.
I like to use both methods and blend the two values to get a fairly accurate value.
You could always pay a professional appraiser but this gets expensive, especially if you are buying a home.
The second step is to take the information you got from the first step and apply it.
If you are selling a home you want to price the house about one percent less than the estimated value.
This will bring in more potential buyers and hopefully you will get more offers.
If you are buying a home you want to use the estimated house value to make an offer.
Don't offer to buy a home based on the listing price.
Offer either the estimated value or slightly less.
This will help assure that you are getting a good deal on the home.
If you are having a difficult time selling your house then start with this method and make sure your listing price is right.
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