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Have you ever considered golf schools as potential venues for your annual vacation? Or even for a short winter break? Some lucky people have a vacation in the spring, summer fall and winter, but most only have the one or perhaps two. Why not make one a golfing holiday, with some golf instruction thrown in?

After all, if you are like me and every other golfer I know, you probably need some instruction. All golfers require professional coaching once in a while; even the top pros take their personal instructors on tour with them, or have a favorite teacher that they pop in to see now and again if they have a specific problem. It doesn't have to be a massive problem, just a slight tendency to slice or hook now and again. It still needs fixed.

It's best to Have Your Golfing Faults Corrected Professionally

Most people cannot iron out their own faults, but will tend to make allowances for them. This is not good, and some other aspect of your game will always suffer if you do this. An extreme example is the slicer who aims farther left to compensate. This is more common that you think, but it is not the way to cure a slice. You lose accuracy and distance doing this. The same applies to all manner of faults that a professional instructor in a golf academy is trained to put right. Not only put right, but put right properly and permanently. This is what a golf school is for.

A popular time for golf instruction vacations is winter. Golf schools in the winter can be short two or three day golf training course is ideal, and if this can be arranged at a resort school, or close to a holiday resort such as Orlando or Las Vegas, then you can go with your family, or a group of your buddies. Even a weekend break can do you a lot of good, with a one day golf instruction course, and the rest of the weekend spent enjoying a bit of sightseeing, a show or tasting the local night life.

Seek Out Golf Instruction Wherever You Go on Vacation

If you decide on a summer golf school vacation, Orlando or Myrtle Beach is great for the family, or even up in Colorado where you can enjoy winter sports most days of the year. There are some good golf academies up in the mountains. Take a lot of balls though! There are also lots of lakes, and the scenery is stunning.

Every state in the USA has a golf academy, and also almost every country has some. Europe has many golf schools though golf is most popular in the western European countries such as the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia . You can probably find a few in most countries, however, so if you are going abroad on vacation, seek out some of the local golf schools and get a new slant on your golf coaching.
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