Why You Should Visit India

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India is a diverse country.
It has several cultures and traditions.
The country also boasts of hundreds of languages spoken by more than a billion people.
The country has rich cultural and historical heritage.
India has diversity not like any other country of the world.
The country can be experienced only when you visit and take to streets to see its diversity and colors.
The first thing you will notice about the country is its colour and smell.
The country is known for its colorful people and its spices.
The Indian food is known for its spicy taste.
India was not a nation as we know it today.
Before the British came here the country was ruled by hundreds of kings.
The British slowly captured the political control of most of them and made them united under their rule.
They called it India.
When the British gave independence to India in 1947 they freed it as a new nation known as India.
This is the reason why India still has so much diversity in terms of culture and traditions as it was not one nation in the past.
When a foreign tourist comes to India he finds it to be a chaotic nation with huge population.
He will notice colourful people roaming around on the streets in a chaotic way.
India has been under foreign rules for hundreds of years.
It had left a deep imprint on the culture and society of the country.
The country has been under influence of both Islamic and the British rule for years.
It has left deep influence on the culture of the nation.
They left several marvelous monuments in India.
The Mughal Empire had created several marvelous structures like the Taj Mahal.
The British rule also influenced the Indian architecture.
The Indian capital New Delhi is dotted with several British era structures.
The Indian Gate is one such monument, which has become a tourist attraction.
India is blessed with diverse climate also.
In the north side of the country weather is cooler.
On the other hand the south of the country has hot weather.
The country also has desert area in the western part of the country.
In this way, India is blessed with all kinds of weather conditions.
India has also beautiful mountains and sandy beaches.
Goa is one such place which is popular with foreign tourists for its sunny beaches.
If you want to see a diverse nation full of life come to India.
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