How Much Cholesterol Should I Eat Each Day?

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    Daily intake

    • Cholesterol is necessary for proper food digestion and is a vital part of the body's hormones. But excessive amounts of cholesterol increases a person's chances of getting coronary heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends individuals limit their cholesterol intake to 300 mg per day, as noted on the NutriBase website.

    Limiting saturated fats

    • Registered Dietitian Peggy Woodward on the Taste of Home website recommends those who are controlling their cholesterol intake also limit saturated fats to less than 10 percent of the total calories they consume in a day. Someone who eats 2,000 calories would need to limit saturated fats to 200 calories. Saturated fats increase cholesterol levels.

    Ways to limit cholesterol intake

    • Besides limiting saturated fats, people can control their cholesterol intake in other ways. Foods like soy protein, fiber and nuts help lower cholesterol. Exercise also helps as excess body fat can influence cholesterol levels. Finally, stress can elevate cholesterol, so simply relaxing can help as well.

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