Burglar Proof Your Home

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There is nothing more securing in this world than having a night full of peaceful sleep knowing that you are secured within your own home. But, still, many of us become victims of burglars. So, to help you out how to prevent becoming a victim of this unfortunate event, let me show you some simple guidelines on how to burglar proof your home.

1. Know your neighbor. Be friendly and cordial to the people living around you. Develop rapport with them. So that in the event that you would be living your home, you may ask your neighbor to watch your house while you're far away.

2. Know the members of the police station in your area. In a clean sheet of paper, list downs all the names and if possible their numbers of the members of the police stations if you get to mingle with them and then have this posted in a very visible area. By doing so, you will have no hard time on knowing who to contact in case you would be needing their assistance.

3. Keep yourself alert from phone swindlers. If you would receive a phone call from a unknown source saying that either one of your family member is in a life-threatening conditions and would require you to go to a place and bring valuable things like money and jewelries, beware yourself. This has been some of the common modus operandi of thieves nowadays. Verify first the phone call. Let the caller identify him/ her. Try also calling the person he has mentioned to be in a very delicate condition and try to verify. You may also ask some of your family members for a further verification before you fell in to such trap.

4. Do not entertain strangers. All family members especially children should and household helpers should be warned not to entertain strangers at the front of your gate or even unidentified phone calls. Before opening the front door, remember to use the peephole so you would get to identify who the person is. Also, if the strangers are electricians, delivery boys, plumbers and the likes, verify their identity into their respective service offices.

5. Keep all your doors and windows lock in a good working condition at all times. Windows and doors are both the two most common break in points of thieves. So before you retire yourself to bed, make sure you have checked all doors and windows locks are still working.

6. Stop growing tall trees especially at your front gate and doors. Criminals escalates through your home any potential means they could use. Having tall trees and bushes will only fasten this thief's entry to your home. So better keep those trees trimmed down in before this criminals uses to rob you out.

7. Keep a record of all your valuable items. For your appliances at home like TV's, DVD's, washing machines and etc, make sure you take note of all the serial numbers and the models. You should also have a inventory of all your important documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, land titles and others. Having a well -recorded inventory of all your valuable items will assist the policemen on recovering your properties.

8. Keep your home well-lighted at night. Perhaps you should keep all lights on the areas of your house like the porch and garage well-lighted at all times. So that you should be able to notice any commotions and possible entry of intruders in your home.

If you don't have plans to be robbed by these burglars, you should try to implement these simple guidelines. Yes, they are simple and yet some of us mostly forget about these basics. Implement this right away or else you'll be one of those crying victims in the future just a reminder.
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