Visit Hartlepool - Durham For Maritime History and Modern Attractions

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Hartlepool - Durham is probably best known as a shipping town and a place of heavy industry.
The town dates back to the seventh century and so has many historical places to see.
In recent years it has undergone some impressive regeneration and now offers much to the visitor.
Industry and monkeys are the two things which define the history of Hartlepool.
The population ballooned during the nineteenth century thanks to ship building and then coal mining.
The port was used to transport coal from the Durham coalfields.
Both these industries were important during the world wars and then went into decline at the end of the twentieth century.
The town is renowned for the tale of the hanging of a monkey during the Napoleonic Wars which the local people mistook for a Frenchman.
The area has capitalized on its maritime history with a number of new attractions and developments.
The Hartlepool Historic Quay is a reconstruction of an eighteenth century seaport where visitors can get a flavor of life at that time.
Fans of the culture can also visit the restored HMS Trincomalee which is the oldest warship in England.
The waterside area also has a modern marina which hosts an annual festival of music and comedy.
There are several sites of historical importance to visit including St Hildas Church, the town wall and cannon and Victory Square.
The town also boasts a unique art gallery in a restored clock tower.
As well as viewing art visitors can climb the tower for a view of both the old bells and the area.
In the region around Hartlepool there is beautiful countryside, coastline and beaches.
The historic city of Durham is not far away and is easy to visit if you want to see the magnificent cathedral and castle.
Although famous for industry Hartlepool - Durham is now thriving on tourism.
It is a town with a rich history constantly adapting to the changes around it.
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