Home Yeast Infection Remedies - Are They Really Effective?

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There are a number of reasons why people may prefer home yeast infection remedies and natural treatments. It may be that they are often a cheaper alternative than doctors and prescription medications, or that this type of treatment tends to be gentler on the body and they are usually very good when used in a preventative capacity. However, can we be sure that they are really as effective as conventional medicines? In answer to that question the first thing we need to know is what exactly is a home remedy, and why are they considered to be beneficial.

So what exactly are home yeast infection remedies?

In general, we can identify home remedies by the fact that they are not those which are mass produced by pharmaceutical organizations. Often they will have been in use for a number of years and by nature they are mostly natural. They are also very effective when used to prevent rather than cure yeast infections and are great substitutes for modern-day prescription medications.
However, if you are nervous about moving away from conventional medicines totally, then you may be able to combine home remedies and preventative measures with current medications.

Below are some of the most common home yeast infection remedies:

Tea Tree Oil - Because of its anti-fungal properties this substance is great at tackling the organism that causes yeast infections, otherwise known as Candida albicans. In addition it is considered a great option for people wanting a natural alternative and is also beneficial as a preventative agent.

Witches Hazel - When applied to the infected area diluted Witches Hazel is extremely effective at providing relief from the symptoms of yeast infections. Women have successfully used this home remedy for years, well before the introduction of the pharmaceuticals available today.

Yogurt - Another common home remedy, popular for infants and pregnant women, involves the use of yogurt by either eating it or applying it to the infected area. And because you can simply add it to your diet, it is great as a preventative element, both keeping you healthy and at the same time reducing the likelihood of re-infection.

Cider Vinegar - Yeast thrives in an alkaline environment and when applied to the infected area the alkalinity is reduced by the acid contained in the vinegar. The ability of Candida albicans to grow increases significantly in highly alkaline conditions, however an acidic element such as cider vinegar can stop this growth. The reason it is so effective is that when applied, it will rebalance the pH, halting the rapid growth of Candida so that it cannot increase to the level at which infection occurs.

Now that we know what home remedies are about, let's look at the original question of how well they really work. It is commonly thought that they are in fact very effective. In particular, anyone such as pregnant women who do not wish to use conventional medications, can find relief from yeast infection symptoms by using home remedies. In addition home yeast infection remedies are useful as preventatives for those who suffer from recurring infections and young children may also benefit from a home remedy approach.
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