A Homelite Chainsaw Is Overheating

104 91
    • 1). Unscrew the bolts holding the cylinder cover in place over the air filter and cylinder. Scrub the cylinder cover's underside with the brush and wash it off with a little clean gasoline and the rag.

    • 2). Unscrew the air filter and brush off the outside of the filter. Drizzle a little gas onto the filter, brush the gas in and then slap the filter against your hand to shake off any excess gas. Clean the area around the filter's box with the brush and rag.

    • 3). Brush the fins on all four sides of the cylinder and wipe the fins clean with the rag. Undo the four bolts holding the starter recoil assembly in place over the cooling system. Brush the starter cover's top and underside, wiping it clean with the rag.

    • 4). Inspect the fans on the flywheel to make sure there are no clogs or blockages. Clear any blockages with the brush. Brush off the dust on the fans and around the air intake cover surrounding the flywheel. Wipe the fans and the air intake cover. Refit all the removed parts and continue to monitor the engine's heat.

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