Yoga Bolsters - How to Choose the Best One For You

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So, first thing's first - what is a yoga bolster and why do you need one?  A yoga bolster is a shaped cushion used in different styles of yoga, especially restorative yoga (yoga postures that are held for several minutes at a time resulting in calming the body and mind).
  They are designed to provide support for certain parts of the body to make certain yoga positions more comfortable and to prevent injury Yoga bolsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and materials.
  Some of the most common types of bolsters are cylindrical, rectangular, breathing and Zafu.
Cylindrical bolsters can be used to lengthen the lower back by placing them perpendicular or parallel to the spine or under the knees.
  They are also useful as supports for forward bends.
  Cylindrical bolsters are firmer and heavier than rectangular bolsters.
Rectangular bolsters are great for poses requiring stable support and can replace stacks of blankets in some asanas (lotus or cross-legged position).
Breathing bolsters support the long muscles on both sides of your spine, enabling them to relax fully.
  As your chest stretches, your breathing slows and deepens.
Zafu bolsters are traditionally associated with meditation.
  Zafu literally means "sitting cushion.
"  It is considered the most versatile size of cushion in that it can support a variety of postures.
Yoga bolsters are especially useful when you are first starting out as a beginning yoga student.
  The bolster can be used to prop your torso up while you're sitting in a lotus or cross-legged position and is more comfortable than sitting on the ground if you're not used to sitting in that type of position.
So, choose the yoga bolster that sounds right for what you are trying to accomplish.
  Yoga is fun and, as my favorite instructor says - it should feel good!  If yo are looking for information on other yoga accessories, check out http://thick-yogamat.
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