DIY Dish Cake Pillow Cushion

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    • 1). Measure the width, length and height of the dish cake pan with the tape measure. Write these measurements on a piece of paper. An example for the dimensions is 10 inches wide, 4 inches high and 16 inches long.

    • 2). Transfer the measurements of the pan to a piece of memory foam. Mark the memory foam with a felt tip marker. Cut the memory foam to the size of the pan using an electric knife.

    • 3). Cut two pieces of fabric to the height and length of the pan with scissors. Cut two pieces to the width and height and two pieces to the width and length. Add 1/4 inch for the seam to each piece.

    • 4). Place the two pieces that are cut to the height and length on each side of one piece cut to the width and length. Put the finished side of the fabric face down. Sew along the 1/4-inch seam on each side of the fabric with a needle and thread or sewing machine.

    • 5). Set the second piece of fabric cut to the width and length on one side of the sewed pieces in Step 4. Stitch along the 1/4-inch seam. Fold the fabric over and stitch the other side to the 1/4-inch seam.

    • 6). Stitch along the 1/4-inch seam to attach one of the pieces cut to the height and width to one end of the cushion cover. Fold the fabric inside out and attach the other piece cut to the height and width.

    • 7). Make a 9-inch cut in the center of the fabric on the bottom of the cover. Stitch a 1-inch-by-9-inch length of fabric on each side to make a finished edge. Place the cut piece of memory foam inside the cushion.

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