How to Remove a Property Lien in Texas

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    • 1). Dispute the lien. A lien is actually the result of a judgment, and judgments come when someone files a civil claim against you. So to prevent the lien from being imposed in the first place you need to respond to the claim and deny that you owe that person what is claimed. Only in the event that you lose, and have a judgment filed against you, will a lien be placed on your property.

    • 2). Pay the amount of the lien. This is the simplest way to remove the lien. Once the debt is paid and acknowledged by the court, both the lien and the judgment go away. You can also establish an acceptable payment plan, which will remove the lien as long as you're paying off the judgment. A lien is, essentially, a method of enforcement to ensure that people pay off a judgment.

    • 3). Sell the property. While a lien makes it more difficult for you to sell your property, you can make an arrangement with the lien holder that the amount of the lien will come out of the sale, thus allowing you full rights to sell the property with the lien. If you can get written consent from a buyer that the lien will transfer with the ownership of the property, then you will also be allowed to sell the property --- and the lien with it --- as long as the court gives permission.

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