How to Make a Man Want You So Much That He"s Willing to Do Anything For You?

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Have you ever wondered how some women have done it? They are not particularly beautiful, smart, or charming.
But for some reasons, they have the power to get the men to do anything to just be with them.
Read on to find out the secrets to make a man want you more than life itself! You've been eyeing on this guy for quite some time and you're about to go in for the kill.
So how do you create a good first impression that will leave him asking for more? There are so many different ways on how to make a man want you but the best rule is probably to appeal to their biological instincts.
Yes, ladies, a tried and tested rule on how to make want you entails being physically attractive.
Most men want women who are beautiful.
They are genetically programmed to appreciate beauty that is dangling right under their noses.
The reality of it Just because you're not cover girl-material doesn't necessarily mean that you can't attract the guy that you like.
Men like looking at a woman who looks perfect when photographed but they want a woman who is beautiful and she knows it.
There's a clear difference.
If you want to get that guy hooked on you, you want to start looking at yourself and working on the many things that make you a drop-dead gorgeous creature.
Play up your assets Surely, you have at least one strong point.
Everyone has assets in much the same way that they have shortcomings.
The idea is to look for these good points and emphasize them.
Highlight them so your man notices.
The thing about men is that they don't exactly notice things until they are already right under their noses.
There's no way for him to find out just how great you are unless you literally show it to him.
Draw him in Look at yourself in the mirror (a full-length one should do) and point out the aspects of your body that you like.
Do you have great shoulders? You might want to consider wearing something that will flatter them on your next date.
Do you have a slender neck? Wear a nice necklace and get rid of the turtleneck.
When you draw attention to your best features, it means that you're confident enough to flaunt them which makes you more attractive as well.
But don't show everything! Mystery is another rule that you should remember on how to make a man want you.
You want to leave him asking for more so leave some to the imagination.
Dressing provocatively doesn't always work.
Go for flattering but not too revealing for your next date.
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