How to Fix Chevy Malibu Right Front Knuckle

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    • 1). Remove the hubcap on the right front wheel. Use the 36 mm socket and breaker bar to loosen the axle hub nut. Do not remove the hub nut yet.

    • 2). Raise your Chevy Malibu with the floor jack and support it with jack stands. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery by loosening the retaining nut on the cable end with a wrench. If you have an anti-theft system, disable it by following the instructions in the owner's manual.

    • 3). Remove the lug nuts from the right front wheel and then remove the wheel. Remove the axle hub nut and washer. Use the drift pin or steel rod to lock the axle shaft while removing the hub nut. Prepare a loop of the wire and unbolt the disc caliper. Use the wire to hang the caliper out of the way from the front strut spring.

    • 4). Use the puller to break the lock of the hub on the drive axle. Do not remove the hub yet. Disconnect the front strut from the steering knuckle. Be prepared to catch any brake fluid that might leak in a collection pan. Continue tightening the puller and push the end of the axle through the hub. Support the axle with wire temporarily. Carefully pry the joint out of the transaxle.

    • 5). Install the new knuckle by following the above procedure in reverse with one exception: the retaining ring on the inside shaft must be replaced with a new ring. Tap the inner CV joint to ensure that it seats securely against the retaining ring.

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