Is There Really A Male Menopause Or Is It Just A Myth?

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Many men experience many emotional health changes as they reach middle age.
Many have revelations that many aspirations from earlier on in life were not quite what he expected.
He may begin to feel like there isn't anything to look forward to anymore in his life.
Many women state they can tell their partner is experiencing a change in life, though the fact is it is probably a psychological change rather than a physiological one.
Today, many men believe they should have the ability to maintain the same sexual performance that they did at a younger age.
They expect the routine will be the same, and with little complications, from foreplay and erections to ejaculation and orgasm.
Of course things change, and most bodily functions (such as sex drive) vary from day to day, so the probability that they will not live up to this standard is likely.
In fact, many men especially middle age men believe they are underachieving, sexually speaking.
It is essential for both men and their partner to realize that sexual performance varies, occasionally.
There are no set standards when it comes to sex, and both parties should understand that, and not have expectations.
A considerate and sympathetic partner is very beneficial to potency continuation in the male.
The male testosterone is crucial in male development.
Beginning in the mid-forties, serum testosterone levels tend to decline as age increases.
Another thing, which declines, is the weight and size of the testicles.
In fact, when compared with 30 something year olds, 70 year old males are generally expected to have about 50 percent of the testosterone concentration.
Almost all older men still have a normal range of serum testosterone levels, though.
In men who demonstrate a variety of levels in erectile ability, testosterone levels usually fall within normal range.
This indicates that testosterone itself is not generally a cause of impotence, though I can cause a lack of sexual interest.
Scientists may disagree about male menopause, but when it comes to middle aged men, very few doubt that it does, in fact, exist though the term menopause is actually a misnomer when it is applied to men.
Women's ovaries shut down during menopause, and men's reproductive glands do not.
Male menopause is gradual, and not universal, while female menopause is quicker and pretty much inevitable.
Women experience a sudden decline in estrogen, and men only lose about .
5% of testosterone annually (beginning around age 40), and rarely reach a level below what is considered healthy.
It also does not affect fertility.
Men do have some symptoms of menopause, but it seems to be less biology, and more lifestyle.
This is when their habits (smoking, fatty foods etc) catch up with them, they feel vulnerable, realize life is not infinite, and have problems coping.
This can result in impotence, muscle loss, depression and stress (which can also inhibit testosterone release).
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