Kitchen Island Bar

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A very effective method of creating more space for storage and more for work is to set up a kitchen island bar.
It is a kitchen with 1 and 1 and half inch thick maple countertop, which could be used as a cutting surface and would add workspace.
Also, it could be folded when not in use.
It virtually adds to versatility factor of the kitchen.
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By the moment you finish reading this one, you would have a vivid idea on what really is a kitchen island bar and how to set it up.
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Another good feature of the kitchen island bar is that it has two maple lasted shelves.
This would definitely give you more space to display pots, spare your pans, arrange you wine bottles and other items you could use in the kitchen to decorate it.
It is also possible for you to add drawers in it for you have to something to place your utensils in.
the typical height of a kitchen island bar is 36 inches, tall enough for preparation of food and also would serve as an attractive display in the hallway or dining room.
The shelves should have a space, with a distance of 9 and 1 half inches.
The space required would be sufficient enough for storing pans, dishes, bowls, and pots and they are adjustable One of the most popular brands that sets up Kitchen Island bars are the John Boos and Company.
They offer the best in quality and craftsmanship plus total safety in all of their products.
In making their kitchen island bar, they use only the best wood and steel on their manufacturing process.
Some of it comes with cutting boards, stainless steel tables and chopping blocks.
If you want to set up a kitchen island bar, this is probably your best choice.
They would also include a Boos cream that would protect the wood and seal it.
Boos cream is made up of beeswax, effectively goes deep into the wood, preventing it with a barrier to lock in the moisture.
This allows the surface to be used as a cutting surface.
You can use the cream to maintain its splendid new look.
So now that you know everything you need to know about kitchen island bars, you definitely would want to get one.
With all the features that were shown here, you now have an idea about it.
So what are you waiting for? Go out and get one now.
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