What is Laser Therapy?

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Science-fiction has done much to warp the public's idea of how modern scientific instruments of discovery, such as the laser, can be used to serve a greater good.
Lasers are already used in many surgical operations where it is impractical or impossible for metal blade to get the job done, such as many types of corrective eye surgery.
Although laser light is an artificial type of light does not typically occur in nature, the last half-century has led to a lot of research about holistic applications that laser therapy might have for other types of ailments.
This has led to a lot of interest from people who are suffering for many types of arthritic diseases, who have often turned to other types of alternative medicine in the past to solve their problems.
To understand how laser therapy can be used as a method of treatment for so many different types of diseases and disorders, it's important to outline exactly what laser light is, and how it affects the body differently than regular light does.
Laser light is a beam of light that has been manipulated by artificial means to coherently move in the same wavelength.
This allows lasers to concentrate a relatively high amount of light energy onto a very small surface area.
Generally speaking, the result of his concentration is that a lot of heat can be focused on being generated on a single spot, but in the types of lasers that are generally used for laser therapy, the power levels never get high enough to cause any sort of heat build up.
On the contrary, laser therapy has a very interesting effect on human anatomy.
The concentrated wavelengths of light cause the biological cells of the body themselves to become excited.
If laser energy is directed to the same points on the body that are generally used in Chinese acupuncture, the effects that take place to be put into the same category as a deep tissue massage.
The concentrated beam of light actually seems to have the same effect that acupuncture needles do, and can cause blockages in the energy flow the body, which traditional Chinese medicine maintains is the original cause of many illnesses, to become unclogged.
It may seem strange that something as non-tangible as a beam of light can cause a physical reaction in the body, but many successful clinical trials have shown that this seems to be exactly the case.
This makes laser therapy very reasonable alternative to someone who has been told by people who work in the ancient holistic arts of healing that they need acupuncture, but who simultaneously has a profound fear of needles.
Since relaxation is necessary for acupuncture work, and relaxation during the actual acupuncture session is virtually impossible for someone who has a fear of needles, laser therapy can serve as a "hands off" method of accomplishing the same goals.
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