How to Propagate Crape Myrtle Trees

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    • 1). Take softwood, or greenwood, cuttings. These are the tender young growth at the tips of the branches, taken in midsummer. Insert the base of the cutting into a 4-inch pot of soilless growing medium, such as vermiculite. Place the pot into an unsealed plastic bag until roots form in approximately six to eight weeks.

    • 2). Root hardwood cuttings the same way as softwood cuttings. Take 8-inch-long hardwood cuttings in late November. Place several hardwood cuttings into a pot at least 8 inches deep, filled with garden soil or indoor potting soil. Insert the cuttings so that at least 6 inches are under the soil. Keep the pot outdoors in a protected location but protect from severe frosts and temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Overwinter hardwood crape myrtle cuttings in a protected location, such as an unheated garage or basement, in more severe winter climates. Cuttings will form roots and be ready to plant the following spring.

    • 3). Take root cuttings in early spring. Dig up established plants and cut 3- to 4-inch pieces of root, potting each one individually. Grow them in the greenhouse until frost-free weather arrives in late spring.

    • 4). Propagate crape myrtle from seeds gathered in late fall. Store the seeds in a sealed container until spring. For the best germination results, sow seeds during early spring when the days begin to lengthen. Germination occurs about 21 days after sowing.

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