How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip

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    • 1). Plan your itinerary and objective. Determine if the goal of your trip is leisure, business or a family emergency. Then, determine the length of your trip and any stops that you need to make. Review a map to spot potential diversions or logical stops. Make note of time deadlines and summarize all information on paper.

    • 2). Choose your transportation method. Decide whether you want to fly, drive, take a bus, take a train or take a ship. Review options and costs for each method in light of your itinerary objectives. If you want more control or want to make multiple stops, consider driving, especially if you need to take extra luggage or supplies. If you need to arrive at your destination quickly, consider flying or taking a train. If you want a leisurely trip, consider a cruise. Purchase any tickets that are needed.

    • 3). Pack items needed for your trip. Once you establish your itinerary and transportation, pull out your suitcases. Make a checklist of all items that you need to take. It helps to mentally run through the steps you take daily to get ready in order to avoid missing any items you need to pack. Pack all needed clothing and supplies into your suitcase and then pack your car if needed.

    • 4). Prepare travel items. Fix any beverages or food that you need to take to consume on your journey. Make sure to have a small bag with items you need close like identification, tissues and toys for young children.

    • 5). Start your journey. After you take a last glance around your home for any items that you forgot to pack, lock your windows and doors. Now, you are ready to start you last-minute journey with confidence.

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