Pushkar: The Place Where God Resides In True Sense

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South west gems of the pink city, Ajmer is a retreat cludded in the green hills. The city was laid by legendary king Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan. Since then, the destination has become residence to many royal dynasties. Nowadays, Ajmer has become an extremely popular pilgrimage for the Hindus and Muslims. Particularly well-known is the Dargah Sharif-tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, which is visited both by the Hindus and Muslims alike.

The place presents a great fusion of vibrant cultures and brings together an array of vacationers into booking Gurgaon to Ajmer cab service. The Pushkar Lake is one of the most sacred spots for Hindus here. During the month of Kartik that falls between October and November, the region enthusiasts flock here to take a dip in its sacred lake.

Ajaipal Chauhan founderd the city in the seventh century. He even built a hill fort named as "Ajaimeur" which literally means invincible hill. The Chauhans dominated the Ajmer city till the 12th century when the legendary king Prithviraj Chauhan lost Mohammed Ghauri. After that it became a division of the sultanate of Delhi. Ajmer was a much popular residence for the royal Mughals.

The bus stand of the city is situated near the RTDC hotel Khadim. And the railway is located towards north where an array of hotels has been lined up. Northeast direction has been dedicated to the main post office and those interested in shopping can visit the most the local markets here behind and up to Agra Gate.

For Hindu devotees, Pushkar is an extremely esteemed pilgrim centre and is visited by too many vacationers every year. Many family vacationers take cab from Gurgaon to Ajmer to explore this heavenly place that lets you attain nirvana.

As per the Hindu belief, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all together symbolize the lifecycle of birth, preservation and destruction. Lord Brahma creates the world. As per the legend Pushkar literally means a pond made by flower which was actually raised when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the earth to decide a location for his yagna which is a holy sacrifice.

The tale says that Brahma needed to carry out the yagna at the most promising time but his wife Savitri whose presence at the yagna was imperative for its act kept him waiting. Annoyed by this Brahma marries Gayatri, a milkmaid to carry out the yagna. Savitri was infuriated on seeing this and cursed Brahma that the people on the earth will forget him and will never worshiped. She softened on request from other Gods that he could only be idolized in Pushkar. This is the reason why there are no Brahma Temples elsewhere.

Travelers love to take Gurgaon to Ajmer cabs service to fall in love with this blissful place and overstay.
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