Why Content Is Consider As King While Optimizing A Website

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If you own a web site or have been running your website, then you have probably heard of the saying; "Content is the King".
This is absolutely true while you want to optimize your website for search engines.
The content in your website plays a very important role when it comes to its visibility, particularly through search engine.
As a matter of fact, the most fundamental aspect of website's search engine optimization is the content.
If you are optimizing your website or blog, here are the reasons why your website's content should take the utmost priority.
Get indexed by search engines Some few years back, web masters relied on optimizing the meta data of the websites.
Elements such as headings, titles, meta keywords and descriptions were quite prioritized.
While these elements are still relevant, they play a small role in the overall search engine friendliness of your site today.
80% of your website is now indexed by search engines based on the content, and so, this is where your efforts should significantly be geared towards.
Great content, happy visitors Another aspect of website content with regard to SERP is the readability by the visitors.
Google, Yahoo and Bing are more likely going to index your pages if they are viewed frequently.
Visitors will have no business spending some time in your website if there is nothing to read.
To keep your visitors engaged, then you must develop appealing content they can read and keep coming back for more.
Content marketing Content marketing has recently emerged as among the most convenient ways of not only optimizing your website for engines, but attracting leads from potential customers.
Content marketing involves writing insightful articles and submitting them in online directories.
The articles normally have in-text link or advert to your website.
After a reader gets impressed by the content, he can click on the link to your website or blog.
Targeted leads Great content means great visibility, not only through search engines, but also through target leads.
As in the case of getting your pages ranked highly in majorengines, there is normally a great potential of getting your product brought by the visitor.
Similarly, visitors who read your contents from content networks can get impressed and make a purchase or a sign up in your website through in-text links or adverts.
Increase in advertisement revenue Even if you don't have a product which is selling in your website, you could be publishing advertisements from ad networks such as Google and Yahoo.
And since the SEO of your site plays a big role here, having great content can boost the visibility of your site, and hence increase revenue from advertisement.
To conclude, you don't have to be a great writer to have good content in your websites.
There are various ways you can get affordable content written by professional writer specializing in the field.
All you need is contact one of them, strike a deal and get appealing content written specifically for your website.
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