Floor Maintenance

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Whether you own a home or manage a business, its appearance is important, and can reflect on your reputation as a homeowner or a manager.
If you own a home there are many areas of the house hat may need to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain optimal aesthetics.
The same can be said for a business.
Regular maintenance can help any business operate smoothly.
One area within any location that would be in need of service whether it is a residence or a business would be the floors.
Floors need to be maintained or their appearance will begin to deteriorate.
There are many different types of flooring.
Some of the different types of flooring are carpet, wood, cement, and tile.
There are variations to the different types of flooring.
For example, there are many types of tile.
Some of the different types of tile are, ceramic, stone, and vct (vinyl composition tile).
Ideally, regular maintenance should be every three to four months regardless of the surface.
Carpet is the easiest type of flooring to maintain.
However, the majority of people fail to maintain their carpets, in order to maintain its original look.
There are three ways to clean carpet.
The three ways to clean carpet are shampooing, extracting, and steaming.
Shampooing is the simplest and most cost effective way to clean carpet.
Shampooing uses a low speed floor maintainer and a bonnet.
The bonnet applies the shampoo, scrubs the carpet, and absorbs the dirty water and solution, while spinning between the machine and the carpet.
The extraction method use a motorized pump to spray solution into the carpet.
A vacuum extracts the dirty water and solution out of the carpet.
Steam cleaning is similar to extraction.
Wood flooring can be more difficult to maintain.
Unsealed floors should be cleaned daily with a wood cleaning solution and a micro fiber mop.
Waxed floor should be buffed periodically.
Buffing will remove scuff marks and other forms of discoloration.
A wooden floor that has been overly neglected may need to be refinished.
Different types of tile floors may require different types of maintenance.
Big problems that can arise with tile flooring is dirty grout.
Grout is the substance between the tiles.
Grout can get dirty easily.
When grout gets dirty, it should be cleaned with a grout cleaning solution.
In addition, it should also be scrubbed with an automated machine.
Using a grout cleaning solution and an automated scrubber is the most efficient method of cleaning grout.
Preventative floor maintenance will ultimately save any entity time, money, and grief.
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