Performance and Battery Life of the BlackBerry Bold 9790

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The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is a superb handset as the performance of the battery is long lasting.

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 within possess a 1GHz chip and is a less heavy as compare to the previous Bold 9900 which consist of 1.2GHz below the lid. The operating system of the this handset is very quick and approachable as the loading of the apps is done very instantly moreover the menus open instantly. All the functions such as scrolling or zooming are very fast this is due to the reason that you are able to pinch the touch screen as the fingers are comfortably fit on the touch screen.

In the native browser the full websites are quite sluggish to render its services also you may expect to observe a checkerboard of a fair amount of grey and white. In the BlackBerry Bold 9790 you would find that the Adobe Flash support is absent in it so you can't play the online videos. With the support of the You Tube app you would get a daily cute cat video fix. The smart phone is fully loaded with a long life battery and has the capability to take out their battery just like a squirrel for its winter nuts husbanding its store.

Moreover looking into the features of the 9790 it would claim that the gadget would last 18 days on a standby mode or can even store the adequate amount of juice for 6.3 hours of playback video or music of 33 hours. Also the talking time is also good as you may gossip nonstop for 5.2 hours without facing any obstacle from the battery side. Looking into all such features you may easily predict that the battery performance of the smart phone is good.

You may easily manage your handset for several days without charging the handset if you are using the smart phone frequently but if using in a normal routine than you have to charge it. If the smart phone is heavily used such as playing games, switching the Wi-Fi on and leaving behind the display screen open for a long time period would naturally consume the juice in avert short span. This is very true that watching movies for long hours would definitely eats up your battery but as it possess a small screen so you would find difficulty in watching movie.
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