How to Open a Car Door Underwater

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    • 1). Roll down a car window as soon as your vehicle hits the water, if possible. This will alleviate pressure after initial contact is made, preventing it from building around the car. As water rushes into the cabin, open your drivers door and escape to safety.

    • 2). Wait patiently in the cabin if the car is already too submerged to open a window or door. Water will eventually begin seeping into the cabin, which is a good thing for the sake of survival.

    • 3). Remain calm and take breaths sparingly. Your oxygen is contained to the size of your vehicle's cabin, and it might take a while for you to escape.

    • 4). Allow the water in the cabin to rise to about chest level, so that water pressure builds within the vehicle.

    • 5). Open the car door once pressure has built enough. Quickly move out of the way of the vehicle, and swim to safety.

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