First Or Third Person - Which is Better?

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One question aspiring novelists and general novice writers almost always tend to ask is, "Which is better, first person or third person?" Ask that in any writing-oriented internet forums and you'll have as many variations of answers for each as there are members.
In fact, I think I've seen it spark huge threads of debates more than four or five times now, always ending in no real resolution.
Writing From The First Person Composing a manuscript from the first person is usually most natural for new writers, as it is how they genuinely view the world.
It also makes the text feel more genuine and personable, as it being spoken right from the main protagonist's voice.
Writing From The Third Person A first person point of view lends itself to many potential pitfalls.
The most glaring of these is the fact that you can only explore both the environment and other characters through a limited sets of eyes.
If you want to bring other facets of the story to light, you will need to figure the discovery into the narrative, instead of being able to present it anywhere you please.
So Which Is Better? Personally, I think both styles of writing bring enough to the table to warrant equal consideration.
In the same way, both can be effective when employed in a creative manner.
If your narrative is well-planned, properly written and sufficiently proofread (either by a writing software or a proofreading consultant), composing your manuscript in either one can turn out positive results.
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