Sacred Solitude

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Sacred solitude What I need When people are rude Sacred solitude What I need When people intrude Sacred solitude Silence and serenity Time to think and be Dwell in simplicity Shut out the noise Put down my toys Be without my boys But full of many joys Resting in solitude Elegant, not crude Though others Don't understand Solitude is grand Makes a greater man As you deeply reflect Examine and inspect Put down your pride What you must project Things you do protect Be honest without regret Listen and don't neglect Whatever you suspect Instinctively feel and sense Let go of emotions tense Drop ego and pretense Self-centered forgetfulness Which comes with convenience Acknowledge your hesitance Fear and devilish defiance Rebellion and self-reliance Where you lack boldness Act brash and brutish Think and behave foolish Speak wrongly and hastily Overthrow your tranquility Disregard loving parents Ignore inner brilliance In solitude find resilience Quiet and tenderness Develop mental toughness Plan ahead strategically Map your course wisely Attend to details acutely Awaken inner sensitivity Find solutions for perplexity Magnificent breakthroughs To get triumphantly through What you're going through Fortify the immortal inner you Discover what you must do Pinpoint the people who Can work with and help you Unleash the giant deep within Victoriously arise to mightily win Deal with negative communication Find a never ending flow of inspiration Unlock the keys to genius and creation Get a new vibration and sensation Build unstoppable momentum Experience a divine manifestation As you muse in rich meditation Sacred solitude is God's invitation.
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