Nursery Furniture Ideas

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    Changing Table

    • Many people will tell you that a changing table is important to have. However, you may not use it all that often, and it may just be another piece of furniture cluttering up the room. Consider instead refurbishing an old dresser as a changing table, to combine the two pieces. Use a dresser, and nail 4-inch rails around each side of the dresser so that baby can't roll off. Place all of your materials, diapers, wipes and ointment in the top drawer of the dresser, and the rest of the dresser can be used for clothes. You can paint and finish the dresser to match your nursery decor, and do away with purchasing a changing table.

    Storage Solutions

    • If you're decorating a nursery and don't have a lot of storage space, you can utilize furniture to find places for storage. Depending on the crib that you have, you can add crates or baskets underneath to store things like blankets and toys. Use ceiling height bookshelves to display heirloom books and toys, but remember to bolt the shelves to the wall, so as not to risk them toppling over when a curious baby tries climbing on them.

    Growing Furniture

    • Choose furniture that will grow with your child so you don't have to keep purchasing new things for him as he gets older. That frilly, circular crib might look adorable now, but it'll also mean you'll have to buy a toddler bed, and a regular bed as your child grows. Consider a 4-in-1 crib that converts at each stage. You can do the same with storage and dressers. Try to stay away from anything too young or that will show its wear. You might even buy pieces that come unfinished, so you can paint and repaint them over the years. Choose sturdy pieces that can last the test of time from nursery to college.

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