Linux and Backups - So Hard and So Easy!

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Most people are unfamiliar with the Linux Operating System, so in order for them to understand why it is crucial to have a Linux backup plan, they need to know about how the system works and its history.
Essentially Linux was designed by people with a great interest in technology and wanted to use their knowledge to help people.
They realized that people were tired of paying large of sums of money for basic computing functionality and built Linux, a completely free operating system letting people save significantly on computing costs.
However, since Linux is maintained by technical experts and hobbyists, it's pretty darn hard to do anything fancy with for average Joe and doesn't come with some creature comforts like an easy way to backup data.
When people use an Apple or Windows system, the computer will typically come with a restore disc.
This essentially saves different memory points on the computer, which accomplishes multiple tasks.
The first thing is that people are be able to perform a system restore, which is extremely easy.
A few clicks and the computer is running at an earlier date where it was running more efficiently.
Window's computers are known for acquiring viruses, whether it be from opening email attachments or visiting a virus-prone website.
The viruses are designed to steal information from the user's computer and most of them will also substantially slow down the computer.
If the individual is observant enough to remember when the computer began slowing down, they can restore to the day before.
The best part of this is that they will not lose anything saved on the computer (more or less anyway).
However, with Linux, this type of setup is not included.
Fortunately, Linux users can purchase a backup support that will handle backup's for them.
Considering the amount of stress to anyone with a Linux system, such as webmasters and others, paying for this service is very worthwhile.
Backup's are extremely important for business employees and students, who have deadlines to meet and lost files could cost them their job or lost income.
With backups running, people are able to sleep easy.
While Linux is notoriously hard to deal with for average computer users and backups near impossible, services do exist to make this relatively painless.
Nothing is more frustrating than accidentally deleting critical files or a hard drive failing.
Is your Linux machine backed up?
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