How to Stop a Squeaking Floor

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    • 1). Walk slowly over the floor to find each spot that's squeaking. Mark each spot with a chalk mark.

    • 2). Put a pilot bit in your drill. Drill a pilot hole at each mark that you made with the chalk.

    • 3). Switch out the pilot bit for a screwdriver bit in your drill. Drive a screw into each pilot hole that you made. Make sure the screw head is below the surface of the wood, so there's a roughly 1/8-inch-deep depression above the screw head.

    • 4). Fill each hole with wood putty, pressing it in and smoothing it out with a plastic putty knife.

    • 5). Let the putty dry for eight hours. Buff each spot of putty with sandpaper to get it smooth and even with the floor.

    • 6). Dab a little polyurethane over each putty hole, just enough to cover it. Blend it with the gloss that is on the rest of the floor. Let it set overnight.

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