Mice That Invade Your Home

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If you've been finding mysterious chewed holes in your cereal boxes, and holes in your brand new socks at home in Texas, you obviously have a mice problem! One of the most common rodent pest in the world is the house mouse.
They can literally be found almost anywhere, chewing on your stuff, eating all of your left over food and hiding out in the same house as you.
In fact, get this, a female house mouse can give birth up to a dozen babies every three weeks - that makes 150 babies a year! House mice can also cause catastrophic damage to homes with their ability to damage millions worth of possessions, contaminate large amounts of foods and with their constant gnawing, and also cause numerous electrical fires.
Homes with mice problems in Texas are in constant fear of acquiring a disease that these nasty rodents carry.
Mice can have as expensive taste in homes as we do, too.
Mice are nuisances to both the rich and poor in Texas.
It doesn't matter what part of town you call home, there are mice that will be glad to share your home with you.
If you chose to ignore a small mouse problem, it'll likely end up becoming a huge mouse problem.
Remember, the mommy mouse that has 120 babies a year? Once you realize you have mice, do something about it! The first step to take is to find out what they are eating in your house.
Never leave uncovered food and always keep your dining areas clean of crumbs.
Mice can easily find the smallest entry points so you need to seal up the outside of your house to keep more mice from getting in.
Make sure to remove all food sources, wastes and clutter from the outside of your house.
Baiting also usually works.
Strategically placed traps inside your house helps in removing and killing the mice still left.
Continue setting traps inside your house even if you suspect you have gotten rid of them all, just in case there are still some juvenile mice hiding in a nest somewhere.
Best solution, get a cat! Make that a female cat, since they are better mousers.
Everything boils down though to keeping your surroundings clean of clutter.
If you're mice problem is too big for you to handle or if you just don't want to risk the problem getting out of hand, then contact your local Texas exterminators.
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