Gemology as a career option

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Jewellery forms an important element, which describes the cultural value of a country. Various jewellery types, forms and designs generally associated with different countries and people belonging to various religions. It's not easy to design these jewelleries; the creation of various jewellery designs comes out as a result of deep study and creativity possessed by the jewellery designers. Jewellery designing in itself is altogether a specialised educational field. The students, opting for a career in Jewellery designing are generally very creative and have a special sense of jewellery. For a normal man, it is very difficult to judge the various forms of jewellery, but in different courses of jewellery designing, students are provided with the in- depth knowledge of the various forms and types of jewellery. These courses aim to make a student specialise on various aspects of jewellery designing.

One more field, which has originated from the field of jewellery designing, is Gemology. Career in Gemology is coming up as a great career option for students, who have a passion for jewellery. Gemology is referred as the study of gems. Gemologists are the specialists, who give birth to new designs and forms of stones. Gemologists, many a times also work on the designs given by the customers or the clients. The work of a gemologist also involves the conversion of client's ideas or dreams into reality. A true gemologist, is supposed to understand the requirements of the consumer and shape the jewellery according to the brief given by the client.

The students opting for the career in gemology are made to study the genesis, properties, structure and classification of these gemstones. There are many institutes in India and abroad, which provide courses for gemology. There are certificate, diploma as well specialised degree courses for gemology, provided by the colleges of India. Following is a list of institutes providing courses for Gemology in India:

 Indian Institute of Gemology, New Delhi

 Arch Gemology & Jewellery Institute, Jaipur

 Jhaveri Center for Diamond technology, Mumbai

 ENSIGN - The Jewel Design Institute, New Delhi

 Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Jaipur

 The Gemmological Institute of India, Mumbai

 Indian Gemological Institute, New Delhi

 Gemstones Artisans Training School, Jaipur

 Jewellery design & Technology institute, Noida

 The Jasami Department of Jewellery Design & Manufacture, Mumbai

The admission to these institutes can be taken by the students, depending on their proximity with the institute. The students applying for gemology course, must be very much keen to know about the details of a topic, should be honest, reliable, having good memory and knowing the basic techniques of the business. Jewellery is an asset, the demand of which never fades. The production of new jewellery designs developed as a result of the creativity possessed by these designers. The new designs introduced by these designers' leads to the popularity of jewellery among common masses. Also, there are many famous designers, the fame and the heights achieved by whom have set benchmarks for the students and people aiming for the same career.

The future scope of gemology is very bright, as the students can opt for any of the following sub- fields of gemology:

 Entrepreneur in the field of gemology

 Working with a renowned jeweller

 Setting up a lab for gem testing and identification

 Working as designer in some famous fashion designing organisations

 Working as a freelancer jewellery designer

 Working as a gem consultant

 Working as an appraiser, valuer or certifier for gem stones

All these fields and much more can be practised by students after doing a course in the field of Gemology. The growth of the interest of the people in gems has made this profession more popular and a large number of students can be seen opting for this course as their career field.

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