Why Choosing Wedding Favors Can Be Difficult

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Choosing your wedding favors can either be very easy or quite difficult.
Finding the perfect little gifts to say thank you to your guests can turn into a quest for something so unique and personal it simply does not exist! Let us face it not many brides will want to give favors that someone else gave at a recent wedding and nothing less than perfect will do.
If you are at the point of choosing your wedding favors, here are some tips to help you decide and to narrow the list of choices.
  • If you are having a themed wedding then your favors need to coordinate if not match your theme.
    Your choice of favors needs to reflect the theme as well as your own personality or your guests could be confused about where they fit in.
    If you cannot find the perfect match then go for candy and theme your packaging instead.
  • Use your location as a way to pick your favors.
    Beach wedding favors are very popular and readily available, garden favors are also easy to achieve, along with other venue/location matches like golf favors and wine favors for a vineyard wedding.
  • The time of year of your wedding can also be a good way of matching your favors and you may well be already theming your wedding according to the season.
  • Making your own favors is the best way of personalizing your wedding favors to your wedding celebrations and nothing says thank you like something you have taken so much time and effort with.
    The only downside is if you are having a very big wedding as making hundreds of favors can be time consuming!
  • Personalized wedding favors have grown in popularity over the last few years and range from monogrammed items to personalized packaging and ribbons.
    This can be a good option is you are behind with your wedding planning and need something fast as personalizing your favors gives them a very unique touch.
    Many favor retailers offer this service whether it is personalizing actual favors or creating custom printed stickers or labels.
  • Your choice of wedding style is a major consideration when it comes to choosing suitable wedding favors.
    Traditional favors for a formal wedding include almonds, candles and chocolates, whilst modern options for a less formal wedding include candies, flower seeds, bubbles and small kitchen tools.
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