Home Remedies to Soothe Yeast Infections

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    • Home remedies to sooth yeast infections effectively treat and prevent this condition. Some products contain good bacteria, which destroy yeast. The fungus that causes an infection lives in the body. Under normal conditions, we're rarely aware of this fungus. However, certain conditions result in an overgrowth, in which sufferers began to deal with annoying and often painful symptoms. Home remedies not only get rid of excess yeast, but they alleviate discomfort.


    • There are several types of home remedies to sooth a yeast infection. Some sufferers rely on yogurt, which contains bacteria or live cultures that destroy yeast. Meanwhile, other sufferers use herbal remedies such as garlic tablets, which is a natural antifungal agent. Additionally, herbal douches can effectively ease symptoms associated with a yeast infection. Other home remedies include wearing cotton underwear, avoiding scented bath products and eliminating sugar from your diet.

    Time Frame

    • Home remedies to treat yeast infections work relatively quick, and many people experience relief within 1 or 2 days. Even so, it can take up to 1 week to completely destroy the excess yeast. Therefore, it's vital to stick with a treatment course for at least 7 days. If symptoms don't improve within a week, consider an over-the-counter remedy or a prescription medication.


    • Home remedies used to treat or soothe yeast infections rarely cause side effects, unlike several topical and oral over-the-counter and prescription medications that can cause hives, redness, nausea and headaches. Yeast infections are already uncomfortable, and side effects intensify the condition, so many people prefer the relief provided by natural or home remedies.

    Expert Insight

    • Because yeast infection symptoms closely mimic other conditions, make a doctor's appointment if symptoms don't improve with home remedies. Another type of vaginal infection or a sexually transmitted disease may be the culprit. Based on your symptoms and a thorough medical examination, doctors can make an accurate diagnosis and discuss your treatment options.

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