Tips When Buying a Horse

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The majority of people in the Horse industry in Ireland are good honest people who can be trusted and will provide you with accurate information about the horse they are selling.
There are however, as in any walk of life, those who are not so, and who's sole purpose is to make money.
They will tell you anything to secure a sale, and so it is important that you take certain steps when buying a horse to ensure that you are not getting taken for a ride!! 1) Never buy a horse without seeing it.
This is just asking for trouble.
It may sound perfect over the phone, or look great in the advertisement but there are just too many things you don't know until you have seen the horse and watched it be ridden.
2) Take an experienced horsey person with you.
They will know the signs of stable vices, temperament issues, old injuries and conditions.
They may also be able to spot the rogue type traders mentioned above.
3) Before taking ownership of the horse make sure you get it vetted, and check on its identity.
Get someone experienced to check its teeth to verify the age.
It is not uncommon for people who have a horse for sale to advertise it as significantly younger than its actual age.
Remember that there are so many horses for sale that there is no rush.
And if you find a problem with you horse shortly after you get it you can return it to the vendor if it is not as described.
Follow these simple tips to give you a better chance of finding the horse of your dreams.
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