How to Create Super Hero Dolls

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    Doll Superhero

    • Use a doll you already have to create your own superhero. The doll can be easily transformed into a superhero with homemade clothing and a cape. You can buy doll-clothing patterns at the store to sew clothing for the doll. Select fabric and trims that match the design of clothing you want to make for your superhero. Make a cape out of contrasting fabric for the superhero. Add the initial of the superhero's name to the front of the clothing by appliqueing a contrasting color of fabric to the outfit. Create a story to go along with the superhero. Add any props to the superhero that are needed. "Tooth brushing Man" would need a toothbrush and a special toothbrush-sized pocket sewn onto his outfit.

    Paper Doll Superhero

    • Superheroes also can be made with paper dolls. Use a picture of yourself or another person for the body of the doll. Lay a piece of paper over the picture and trace the outline of the body for the base of the superhero doll. Once the body has been drawn, cut it out and glue it to thin cardboard to make a secure form for the clothing to be added to. Draw clothing with tabs for the paper doll. You can make multiple paper dolls that are all superheroes using pictures of different people. Once you have drawn your clothing, cut it out and place it on the paper doll. Make any adjustment to the clothing so it fits correctly. Each superhero should have clothing to be worn as a superhero and also as a normal person. Superheroes look like normal people until they are needed, then they change into their superhero outfit.

    Online Superhero

    • There are many sites online to create your own superhero doll. Use a search engine to search for "superhero doll games." Once you have found a site to make a superhero, you can make your own superhero. There are many different articles of clothing, hairstyles and accessories available to be used for your superhero. Click on an item you want for your superhero and drag it onto the image of the person. Continue adding items until you can create your own superhero doll. After you are finished with your superhero, you can remove the clothing by dragging it back to the area on the screen you found it from and add different clothing to make a new superhero.

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