What If He Doesn"t Call After Your First Date? Don"t Panic - Here Are the Things You Should Know

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First rule when out on a date: don't expect too much. Anticipating too much is warning enough to tell you not to, because when things don't and won't go according to your hope, you're going to end up as one big loser. Okay, so maybe you did expect too much, sometimes we just can't help it. You had a blast on your date and he said he did too and you can't wait to look forward for your second date. There is definitely going to be second date, right? But it's been days and he has not returned your call. You're insanely worried and kept asking yourself what went wrong, why he has not called after your first date?

Two words for you, sweetie: move on. It hurts I know, but that's best option. You see, every human being has a different perspective about everything so while you were drooling over the fact that you both clicked on the first date (or maybe it was even love at first sight?) and you know that he's head over heels over you, what he might be feeling is the exact opposite. You think you were smart and confident and sexy, but there he was probably thinking he's out on a date with Little Miss Perfect, know-it-all, too conceited brat in the world. Guys think it's their job to be nice to girls instead of being flat-out honest so they lead you on, only swear in the end never to lay eyes on you again.

Nine out of ten times, when a guy doesn't call after you first date, it means he's not interested. So get over it. You are better off than dating someone who is exceptionally not compatible to you. There are a thousand other guys dying to meet you out there, so hold your head up high girl, and continue with the dating game!

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