How to Use CigArrest

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    • 1). Ask your physician if it's safe for you to use CigArrest. CigArrest contains homeopathic herbs with no nicotine. However, there's always a possibility that CigArrest will interact with any of your current medications or medical conditions. Ask your doctor about safety precautions, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    • 2). Chew CigArrest gum when you experience cravings for nicotine. This may not only help control your physical cravings, but the act of chewing gum may help satisfy your psychological cravings.

    • 3). Chew a CigArrest chewable tablet to control your cravings if you prefer not to use the gum. You could also place a CigArrest lozenge in your mouth when you feel the urge to smoke. The gum, tablets and lozenges all contain the same ingredients.

    • 4). Take one of the CigArrest VitaGuard Smoker's Vitamins every day. Vitamins may help repair the damage that smoking causes to your cells. It may also help strengthen your compromised immune system.

    • 5). Listen to the CigArrest Program Audio CD to learn tips on how to stay away from cigarettes. It may provide useful advice for avoiding cigarettes in specific situations, such as driving. The CigArrest program also includes an informative guide on quitting smoking, as well as a handbook on exercising while you're quitting smoking.

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