How to Customize Probiotics

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    How to Customize Probiotics

    • 1). Identify your ailment. Are you suffering from stomach aches or is your discomfort further south? Women regularly suffer from genitourinary complications, such as UTIs and yeast infections. If your stomach is the problem, you could be suffering from stomach upset due to antibiotics or diarrhea caused by eating and drinking in foreign countries. If you are having difficulty pin pointing the cause of your problem, consult your physician for further guidance.

    • 2). Select the probiotic that fights against the bacteria that is overwhelming your microflora. For example, if you are suffering from upset stomach due to antibiotics, research shows that the probiotic strands S. cerevisiae boulardii, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 can help ease the negative symptoms related to antibiotic use. If you can't idenitfy the probiotic you need, ask your physician.

    • 3). Visit your local health food store. Using a generic probiotic may not ease your troubles. For example a probiotic for IBS will probably not be effective against bacterial vaginosis or eczema. A health food store will generally carry a large selection of more specific probiotics. A health food store representative should be able to help you find a probiotic that is geared towards your problem and approved by your physician.

    • 4). Take probiotics as recommended. Some probiotics can be increased gradually for daily maintenance. Read the directions and if you have questions contact the manufacturer or your physician.

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