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"Rest Assured Your Computer Files Are Not As Secure As You Think They Are, This Article On 448 Delta Is The Beginning Stage To Your Hard Drive -- Your File Data Security Patiently Awaits Its Purpose; To Encrypt or be Decrypted Is The Question...
?" Are you getting fed up with hackers tapping into your hard drive and breaking down the barriers to your firewall? Or are you flat out insecure about your computer? If you are then it's because you do not have enough security encryption going on.
Critics say approximately 97.
3% of computers are traceable, hack able and just straight up insecure.
There's not enough encrypted software going around where your computer privacy is in good safe hands, not even your own.
This goes to show you only 2.
7% of computers have the proper security features for their protection.
It's amazing how such a small group upgrades their protection and not just with security but with wisdom.
Here are 5 reasons why you should know about 448Delta Encryption; oHackers are constantly seeking to steal data from your computer.
oFirewalls are being broken through and don't emit enough protection.
oYour client data has extreme value, keep it safe as if it were in a hidden vault.
oNever lose your file data and keep your file privacy to yourself.
o448Delta allows you to feel secure about the files on your computer while you're asleep.
Not being able to encrypt your desktop and hard drives files can cost hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars just because someone feels like tampering with your data.
I'm sure you hear stories about someone's computer getting bugged with a virus or possibly a hacker stole some information.
Whether this may be the case or not, you need t be introduced to this security tool called 448Delta Bit Encryption.
448Delta Encryption is an easy to use file and folder encryption application that uses a 448-Bit Blow-Fish encryption algorithm.
It is capable of encrypting single files or packing entire directory structures containing over 10,000 files and folders into one encrypted package.
448Delta also supports compression and self-extracting executables making it a great archive tool.
The 448Delta Encryption software device is a powerful security tool which can prevent anyone from capturing and viewing your personal or business files.
The 448Delta software is really neat and very easy to use.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Just to give you an idea, when you right click on the file you want encrypted, you can secure the file with 448 Bit Encryption.
Once you've set your encrypted password to a secure parity level, you can erase your old file since the new file exists with its security enabled feature.
One thing I will suggest if you don't have a great memory and that is this..
Write down or study and memorize your password.
Trust me it will save you from losing your data.
One time I submitted a 228 parity level password and I ended up forgetting it because it was so long and ended up losing some valuable information.
I would hate to see this happen to you.
Computer security is growing rapidly by the minute and the only one who has control over their files of information is you.
I also strongly suggest you equip your pc with an armed fire wall for your vital protection.
I recommend going with something like Zone Alarm which is free shareware.
The Zone Alarm Pro edition where you get full features and benefits is on the net for only about thirty bucks.
Also if you're using a router with a built-in fire wall, I would highly recommend configuring it properly as a second option.
If you wish to scope out some more additive information on 448Delta and view the screen shots then pursue the resource below.
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