The Difficulty in Diagnosing Liver Pain, and Some of its Causes

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Being able to diagnose liver pain before the liver completely breaks down can be difficult.  This is because pain within the liver may not be felt until the organ is in trouble.  The brain frequently reads the pain indicators in a vague way, throwing off the prognosis and losing precious time to respond.  For instance, soreness that originates in this vital organ is often perceived as originating in your right shoulder.

The liver's key pain receptors lie around the surface of your liver in a place encapsulating the organ, and as a consequence troubles involving tissue deep inside aren't felt immediately.  Pain will be tied to pressure on the capsule which will be found in the higher right quadrant of your stomach area just below your rib cage.  When force is put on this area, either from outside your liver or your liver's interior pushing out against it because of swelling or enlargement, soreness will likely be experienced. 

All of these issues caused by liver conditions will have probably reached a relatively or extremely advanced stage by the time you are feeling pain.   Making things harder, pain from that area could also be attributable to circumstances unrelated to the liver.  These might be fluid increase in the abdominal region, overall stomach soreness, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, or pain attributable to force from the lower right lung caused by pneumonia. 

A number of circumstances can cause hurting in this area, and several of them can be serious, so it's best to get in touch with a physician.  If the situation has advanced to the time you suffer confusion, problems with regards to recall, hallucinations, severe tiredness, vomiting of blood, fainting and fever, require immediate medical care.  Your condition has probably progressed to the acute liver failure point, and your entire system could be close to shutdown.

Some of the reasons of liver pain are:

1.            Liver cancer.  This is the most critical, and it's going to probably be felt within the last phases of the condition.  Sleepiness, lack of energy, and abrupt lack of weight are additional signs of liver cancer.

2.            Hepatitis (liver inflammation).  Most of these cases will be attributable to viruses which end up in infection, and lead to abscess.  This pressure brings about soreness within the region.

3.            Fatty liver illness.  Nonalcoholic fatty liver condition is brought on by extreme fat buildup within the liver.  Unhealthy diet is the origin of the difficulty, and a liver healthy diet plan can help treat these issues.

4.            Enlarged spleen.  The normal-shaped spleen is the size of an orange and will be situated in the upper left quadrant of the stomach area.  It can become enlarged through being infected or extreme workload as it filters contaminants, and when it does it can put pressure on some other places, and that includes the liver.

5.            Alcoholic liver disease.  Attributable to excessive drinking over a prolonged time frame, it can cause harm due to fat buildup, alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver. The illness could reverse itself by forgoing alcohol.

When we have pain, it sends us a caution of impending issues.  Unfortunately the liver frequently does not provide us any advanced caution signals, and if it does they could possibly come with mixed signs.  There might not be a better motive for always maintaining a nutritious diet coupled with exercise than to assure that our liver is being cared for appropriately.  Most of the organs let us recognize when they are in trouble; not so much with your liver
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