Teaching Made Easy Through A4 Cards

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With the advent of modern technology enabling us to project the flashy presentations that we made from the comforts of our own desktop computers, visual aids used by teachers have been taken to the next plateau.
Now, teachers are trained to be adept in using the computer programs that could aid them in making the perfect presentation that would cover almost everything in his or her lesson plan.
The latest technology developed teaching methods and encouraged more and more teaching institutions to become interactive so that we could further enhance student's participation and imagination as well.
However, part of the curriculum for budding teachers is not to rely so much on technology.
Our teachers are also honed in such a way that they should be ready in the event that technology fails.
They believe that quality education should not be interrupted due to technical difficulties.
Teachers are trained to develop quick critical thinking and they should be always equipped with plan B, C and even D! This is where the wonder of using A4 cards as visual aid enters.
Did you know that when we speak of technology-free visual aid for teachers, it is the A4 cards that we can mostly rely on? Remember how important visual aids are in the process of learning and how much effort and materials should one spend in order to come up with the best visual aid.
Of course, the instruction in making a perfect and effective visual aid is a one size fits all protocol.
Sometimes, we may need a big visual aid or sometimes the lesson may require us to make it smaller than what we used to prepare.
It is best to use an A4 card for this knowing that A4 is the basis of all paper sizes! If you want it smaller, you would just need to divide it in half or if your want it bigger, you may combine two A4 card together.
It's that easy and convenient! You can use A4 cards in both group and individual activity.
It could be a real time saver since A4 cards are quite durable and could stand the pressure that you may be exerting on your students so that they could come up with their best output and be able to present it neatly in class.
You can also use A4 cards top hone your student's creativity by challenging them to make beautiful and attractive bulletin board.
The A4 is attracted and it could also make your bulletin board interesting and informative.
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