Filterless Air Purifiers

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The ever-increasing demand for air purifiers around the world has led to the invention of several new types of air filtration systems.
Constantly growing pollution levels are to be blamed for the widespread use of air purifiers in homes, offices and even industrial units.
As air purifiers eliminate several hazardous substances from the air, their importance cannot be overlooked.
Today, people have a wide variety of air purifiers on offer.
Each has its own unique features and technology, depending upon the function performed.
When purchasing an air purifier, there are several factors to be considered.
The size of the room is of utmost importance and so is the quality of air in the area.
While the conventional air purifiers use a HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters to separate out the particulate impurities, modern and more advanced air purifier systems use a filterless technology to purify the air.
Filterless air purifiers are effective at removing particulate matter as well as odors and poisonous gases.
The most popular filterless air purifier is the electronic or ionic air purification system.
The filterless unit contains two electrically active plates.
One of these plates is used to electrically charge the particles passing through the purifier.
The second plate contains an opposite charge, which attracts these charged particles, similar to a magnet.
The particles settle down on the second plate and hence the air is cleared from all impurities.
The filterless air purifier scores several advantages over the conventional system.
One of the greatest benefits is that no filter changes are required in this system.
The collection plate is easy to clean.
Just wiping it with a damp cloth restores the air purifier to its full efficiency.
Moreover, with very few moving parts, the system is almost silent.
However, the safety of the filterless purifier has come into question due to the small amount of ozone released during the process.
All in all, the filterless system is one of the most effective ones available in the market today.
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