Quechua Tents: For the Camping Pro or the Beginner

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Imagine spending a weekend in the woods hiking along trails or fishing in the stream.
Evenings are spent telling stories by the campfire; campers spend their nights listening to crickets and the other night sounds.
The only thing that could mar this picture perfect vacation is a tent that takes hours to set up.
There are several things to consider when selecting a tent for your camping trip.
You will want to take your destination into account and how the weather will be.
The most important consideration will be your expertise in tent setup.
The thought of setting up your own tent can be overwhelming for someone inexperienced in camping.
You need a tent with a reputation for quick and easy set up.
Quechua tents have that reputation.
Quechua tents have been around since 1997 and have become known for their fast set up time.
There are several different models to choose from based on your needs.
You can select from five categories: family, instant, mountain hiking, dome, and shelter.
Within each of these categories are several different styles.
While the instant tents are designed to be set up in less than two minutes and some as fast as a few seconds, all of the tents in the various categories will be pitched in two to five minutes.
You can spend more time camping with less time getting the camp ready.
The small instant tents set up in approximately two seconds.
They are just as easy to take down; however, they can be challenging to fit back into the bag.
After the first few attempts, it gets much easier and becomes a simple chore.
The base models are made to fit two to four people and have a nice sized space.
The larger base tents will need at least two people to set up efficiently.
Quechua tents for hiking and mountaineering are durable and tear resistant; this will be essential in rugged terrain.
They are also lightweight and compact, making it easy to move camp as you travel.
If you enjoy hiking or camping alone, the small dome tent is perfect for you.
One person can get it pitched without help, and it is compact for taking on long hikes.
If there is a large group going on a camping trip, you might consider purchasing one of Quechua's shelters.
They can be used for storage or extra space for dining or sitting if the weather turns rainy.
Quechua tents are great for the seasoned outdoors person to go hiking or camping on a regular basis.
They are easy to carry and compact, making them the perfect choice for long treks.
First-time campers or those who only go once a year will appreciate how easy it is for them to pitch a tent with minimal practice.
Quechua tents are a great choice for either the seasoned camper or the first-timer.
They make camping fun so you spend more time enjoying the great outdoors rather than getting camp ready.
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